Saturday Skin Waterfall Glacier Water Cream | Stash or Pass?!

Welcome to my new “Stash or Pass” series! I will be introducing this to my youtube soon but, for now I will post periodically products that I have tried and my real unbiased opinion on them! Is it worth stashing it with your beloved products or should you pass on it completly?!?! Hmmm…. if there are any products in particular you would like me to feature in Stash or Pass you can leave a comment or contact me! Have you tried these products? Do you feel the same or disagree? Lets keep the convo going in the comments section. Xoxo 💖




Todays Stash or Pass is the “Saturday Skin Waterfall Glacier Water Cream”

When I first tried this product it felt jelly like and light weight and there isn’t a scent. This product melted right into my skin as my skin just drunk it up easily. The jelly like texture feels nice and is not too heavy but surely packs a moisture punch without the greasy look and feel on my skin. Immediately after my skin felt supple and it was slightly tacky before it completly dried down. The tacky feel must come from the second ingredient being glycerin which means this is perfect makeup base if you don’t like primers. Glycerin prolongs foundation wear just like a primer just without the silicone feel that most primers have. I was using my clinique gel moisturizer before this and I like this one much better as my skin doesn’t feel dried out within a few hours and I don’t have to pair with an oil like my clinique. I would definitely recommend this to a friend! I received this product complimentary for sampling purposes but all opinions are my own. 💕


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